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SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) is a methodology for risk assessment of certain unmanned aircraft operations in the specific category (European drone legislation as of the 1st of january 2021)

Binnenkort verschijnen nieuwe startdata & prijzen

In detail

Module 1: Basic
The new EU drone legislation is mainly an operation-centric risk based approach. Operators in the specific category will have the possibility to submit a risk assessment in order to receive “permission to fly”.
A methodology has been created to guide both different authorities and the pilot or operator as to what is required for a permission to fly an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) in a given operational environment: The Specific Operations Risk Assessment  or SORA aimed at the “Specific” category of UAS (as defined by EASA Technical Opinion 01/2018).
The SORA provides an adequate combination of design and operational mitigation mechanisms for known areas of harm to either people on the ground or in the air. The operator must comprehend these mechanisms and translate these into a understandable SORA making almost any operation possible. 
This course will make a candidate understand the SORA for the flight preparation, during the flight and in discussion with operational staff and the civil aviation authority.


Module 2: Advanced
As a member of the drone community, you understand the SORA, but writing a SORA from scratch is a different thing. Defining Risk in an operational volume is only one step, as it must be followed by a substantiated motivation of all technical and operational mitigations. 
This course prepares the candidate in outlining a SORA application. 
After all, a good SORA application will be a successful SORA application leading to a well-performed flight.
  • Dronepilots class 1 and 2
  • Each participant must have sound knowledge of the current UAS Legislation and have a notion of the future EU legislation. 

Module 1: Basic
• SORA course 1,5h
• SORA workshop 1,5h

Module 2: Advanced
• SORA course 1,5h
• SORA workshop 1,5h

• Course will be given in Dutch. Course material (Course handbook &on-line access to the course slides) will be in English.
• Required materials: Laptop & Droneguide Pro account


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